‘Wisdom is meaningless, unless your own experience has given it meaning’


Consciousness is the substrate of Life – and our conscious experience of life is a subjective reality of projected thought – motivated by Love, regulated by fear, governed by psychological conditioning, and perpetuated by the beliefs to which we are attached

In literal terms, ‘what we think, becomes…’, and our ‘reality’ is the sum narrative of those thoughts manifested in material form –  a self-generated illusion, which exists principally to help us answer life’s ultimate question – ‘Who Am I?’

By expanding our conscious knowledge, through Self-Enquiry, Meditation, and an Opened Mind we are able to answer this question, and realise the Truth beyond the illusion; and by mastering our thoughts – processing those which do not serve our best interests – we can heal, and recalibrate our beliefs to create ‘realities’ we truly desire, free of condition

THE PATH OF ONE is a path to this Enlightened reality – achieved with the trilogical practice of Supported Self-Enquiry, Psychological Repair, and Spiritual Guidance; which corrects distorted thinking, and reveals the Ultimate Truth of our Oneness with ‘God’


THE PATH OF ONE is a path of self-discovery; supported by psycho-spiritual Therapy, Coaching, and Mentorship; intended for those on the challenging path of awakening, seeking to transcend fear, embrace Love – and elevate personal, professional, and spiritual life, with the ultimate knowledge of Self

It combines the Path of Wisdom (Jñāna Yoga), with the Psychology of the Soul (Psychosynthesis), to harmonise the fragmented psyche; and integrate Divine consciousness with the human experience, and the practical demands of contemporary society

The practice is characterised by its Karma Yoga inspired approach; of using everyday life circumstances as tools for growth; and feelings as instruments, which illuminate the healing required for the liberation from suffering

THE PATH OF ONE is defined by its faith in Divinity, and its core beliefs – that true healing is derived from Self-Realisation – that Ultimate Truths are experienced, not learned – that Love is the substrate of all emotion – and that collaboration is essential to our individual and collective evolution

‘You’ are thoughts
Thoughts are stories
‘You’ is a story

What is its central theme?

A central tenet of THE PATH OF ONE is that the ’reality’ we experience as our everyday lives is both a subjective and retrospective construct of the egoic mind, which by and large operates in a perpetual state of ‘dynamic hypnosis’ – entranced by conditioned thought, motivated by Love, yet regulated by fear

This state of Being, however, which we all experience to one degree or another, can be transcended by using the higher unconscious; to heal our psychological dissonance, and redefine the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs – and the subjective realities they conspire to create

Our beliefs are perhaps our greatest ‘addiction’; they define both our selves and the world around us, and in doing so form the bedrock of our life experience

Love is the ingredient which optimises our life, and fear is the catalyst which diminishes our experience of it – everything that we are is directly related to our relationship with Love and fear, and the emotional degree of separation we feel in consequence

The healthiest and most sustainable improvement we can make to our lives is to journey within – to better understand our selves in this context; recognise and remaster the thoughts which perpetuate these relationships, and upgrade our belief systems to become more authentic human beings as a result

This task, though simply summarised, is perhaps the greatest personal achievement to which we may aspire, and the most profound in terms of the unlimited potential it holds for the evolution of humanity, to which THE PATH OF ONE is dedicated

‘Anything that causes you suffering is your teacher’

What is its methodology?

THE PATH OF ONE is an ecosystem of private therapy, group work and contemplation retreats – complimentarily designed to serve the individual at personal, inter-personal, and transpersonal levels

Its core modality is both inclusive and integrative, and applies the principles of Psychosynthesis to identify and heal dissonant components of the psyche, which may be either pre-incarnate in origin, or manifested subsequently by emotionally charged experience and conditioned thought

As the healing process deepens, and the psyche begins to harmonise, it leverages the heightened awareness achieved to propel the process of Self-Realisation and Self-Actualisation

Its approach throughout, is to simplify our understanding of the countless influences in our lives, by promoting the self-examination of our implicit and complicit relationships with them

Specifically, this involves the exploration of our inner world processes; how we perceive these influences, the sensations they cause, the reactions they elicit, and the responses they provoke; and the resulting outer world behaviours, attitudes, mindsets and beliefs; which in-form the quality of our experience, and define both who we think we are, and what we think we need

By default, it focuses on the ‘problem’ of solving for happiness; by reverse engineering our understanding of, our relationship to, and our separation from, love – through our experiences of pain, fear, and suffering

Essentially, this is the foundation of Self-Enquiry, and the starting point of true healing, for which THE PATH OF ONE serves as therapist, coach, mentor, and facilitator

True healing is not an overnight process by any means. However, as we continue to grow, we progressively gain a clarity of self, and a purity of will, that allows us to express more authentic wants and needs – which despite our complex natures remain profoundly simple:

We simply want to feel Safe, Loved and Free; and to be Recognised, Understood, Accepted and Appreciated exactly as we are

Life begins as fear dies

Is it for you?

We heal when we are ready to heal – when it is our ‘time’. If this resonates, it may be your time, and your life is likely to change as a result

The work will be difficult before it becomes easier – and you will need to be brave. As magical as the process is, healing can be very painful; and awakening can be frightening, at times feeling like a psychotic experience. But in order to transcend fear, fear must be faced – there is no workaround

The beautiful truth, however, is that as fear is faced, it dissolves, and takes the suffering with it. Until then, and throughout the process, you will be held in a safe space by a kindred spirit; motivated by the progress we make, together, on your unique journey

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Sheldon Reed

THE PATH OF ONE is but one expression of perennial wisdom, hiding in plain sight for all to see when ready

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