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Group Work

Group Work is one of the most effective methods of accelerating both personal development and psychological growth, and it also provides us with a divine opportunity to contribute to the healing process of others through shared experience and mutual collaboration

For these reasons Group Work is a cornerstone of THE PATH OF ONE, which offers a series of 1 and 3-day keynote course intensives, designed to operate on a stand-alone basis, and alongside both Private Work and Contemplation Retreats

The courses aim to promote, in equal measure, an exploration of our inner and outer world processes with an amalgamation of self-enquiry practice, perennial wisdom, and Psychosynthesis work; and are designed around a series of sustainable exercises which can be taken back into, and integrated with everyday life

1-day courses run bi-weekly on Tuesdays, from 10am to 5pm. Course fees: £177
3-day courses run monthly, from Friday’s to Sunday’s, from 10am to 5pm. Course fees: £333
All courses are held both online and ‘in-the-flesh’ (when appropriate)

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Sheldon Reed

THE PATH OF ONE is but one expression of perennial wisdom, hiding in plain sight for all to see when ready

If this particular expression resonates with you, I would be delighted to discuss it further - and can be reached per the Contact Info in About (and key details below)

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